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Chris Bollinger - Owner

Photographer & Videographer

For the longest time, I worked construction. Jobs as hard as building houses in the blazing heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter.  But I loved it if just for the very fact that I got to create something every day.  After work, I’d go home and either play music with my band or create some art with my then very small daughter Anna (I even encouraged her to draw on the walls!).   On the weekends I would spend time on a mountain - any mountain - that allowed me to ride fast and fearlessly dodging trees and rocks.  I even taught Anna how to ride a skateboard as she watched me shred the half pipes.  I enjoyed every minute of every day.  Everything was art (even the many broken bones I’ve suffered through the years!)

I am a  father, a friend and a lover of all things music and art.  I love the people I work with.  It really isn’t about the camera (although I really love my cameras!).  It is about the memories, the emotions, the feeling that I get when my client see’s “the one” that she wants on her wall with a tear in her eye.   I like to make people feel special, beautiful, cool…like a rock star!  Whatever they need…


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